Please Follow the below steps to make links scroll-able. For example we will make the Sign Up button link of the slider to scroll-able. And after making it scroll-able, if we click on the button it will scroll to Service Section.

1. Add this Snippet in the docs.min.js by replacing codes from line number 52 to 57

/* Page Scroll to id fn call */

$(".navbar-brand,.sllink a[href*='#'],.navbar-nav a,a[href='#top'],a[rel='m_PageScroll2id']").mPageScroll2id({

layout: "auto",

offset: 10,

highlightSelector: ".navbar-nav a"


2. In index.html at line 62 on 'a' tag add href property as below,

<span><a href="#services">Sign up today</a></span> </li>

After changing the href attribute the line should look like this. If you want to scroll to different places just change the href value. ( Note that you can only use the ID's of the section where you want to scroll )

After following these steps if you click on Sign Up button it will scroll to Service Section.