Some Questions

  1. By: janmaack

    Hi there,

    I have some questions to Lightflow. This is my first time with HTML and wordpress, so I don't understand a lot.

    1. How can I put the text of the slider with Icons a bit lower, so that my logo is clear (
    2. Could you please give me the code for a Facebook Icon with Hyperlink to my Facebook site?
    3. How many Pixel must the pics of parallax page have?
    4. My Twitter Feed doesnt work. If I write a tweet, it's not correctly displayed at my homepage

    So that's it I think.

    Would be great if you can help me out!

    Thanks & brgds

    • developer
      over 5 years ago


      1. To put text of slider and icons a bit lower add this css rules at the bottom of style.css

      #main-header .hgroup{

      margin-top: 10px;


      Adjust as many pixels as you need.

      2. To add facebook icon with link please do as this post suggests. The post link is given below :

      3. The default parallax image resolution is 1920 X 950.

      4. For you twitter issue please send us admin access and ftp info of your website.


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